Increasing quantity of Base Station
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High energy li-ion battery system and battery pack development project gains great progress, MOST reported recently. In 2012, China li-ion battery production quantity is approximately 4 billion, 33% up to previous year.Analyz holds the opinion that future li-ion battery industry should focus on application field such electric tools, lightweight e-bike, new energy car and power backup system

Increasing quantity of Base Station pull the development of lithium battery communication field.

High energy li-ion battery system and battery pack delvelopment project gains great progress ,most reported recently.

In 2012, li-ion battery shares a market  with an sales 55.68 billion CNY,40.1% increase compared with last year,this is mainly a result of strong development of new energy car,energy station and digital products represented by Ipad.

In 2012, China li-ion battery production quantity is approximately 4 billion, 33% up to previous year.

                            Analyz holds the opinion that future liion battery industry should focus on application field such electric tools, lightweight,ebike, new energy car and power backup system, for the reason that these industries will keep a high developing speed. Operator also using li-ion battery for base station construction because li-ion battery has the advantages of longer cycle life,more excellent ability under environment stress and more compact volume.What's more,with the reducing of li-ion battery production cost, li-ion  battery will get a tremendous blow up in base station field.