Panasonic lithium battery 2 billion

According news, Panasonic (the 29th) on Tuesday announced that it has with the U.S. electric car manufacturer - supply agreement reached Tesla Motors, Tesla will supply the next four years nearly two billion vehicle lithium-ion rechargeable battery. Insiders said that, according to current estimates ModelS bicycle battery usage, you can assemble 250,000 new, lithium is expected to boost demand for 46 billion yuan, the domestic lithium companies are expected to benefit.

"4-year 46 billion yuan! This is not a small sum, China's annual output of lithium at 700 billion yuan, although it is not clear how much output lithium abroad, but annualized 11.5 billion lithium demand-pull deserves attention I believe quite a few of Tesla, Panasonic supply or related businesses will benefit. "An unnamed analyst said.

According to public reports, Panasonic is Tesla's Queen battery supplier, in October 2011, Tesla and Panasonic battery supply agreement signed, the next four years will supply 80,000 Tesla electric car battery; Deadline 2013 by the end of June, Panasonic has delivered 100 million batteries to Tesla; Tuesday announced the agreement is an extension of the supply agreement reached between the parties in 2011 years.

According to insiders, the cost structure of lithium-ion batteries, the cathode material accounted for 30% -40%, 5% -10% of electrolyte, anode material accounted for 15% -20% 15% -20% divide; if can form lithium demand of 46 billion yuan, will pull the lithium cathode material requirements from 13.8 to 18.4 billion yuan, and the demand for lithium electrolyte of 2.3 to 4.6 billion yuan.