24V 10Ah Sliver Fish E-bike battery pack
Category: electric bicycle e-bike battery  Publish Time: 2015-06-09 19:51 

24V 10Ah Sliver Fish E-bike battery pack
LiMnO2 battery pack voltage:24V capacity:10ah long cycle life 2000 cycles with DOD80% high energy with safe performance silverfish type lightweight
Cell Type: Samsung 18650 cell battery
Weight: About  5KG
Dimension: 95(L)mmx91mm(W)x386mm(H)
Rated Voltage:  24V
Rated Capacity:  10Ah (0.5C2A /discharge) 
Charge&Discharge Mode:  CC&CV
Cycle Life≥2000 times
Internal Resistance≤160mΩ (AC1kHz /impedence)
Battery Hopower Retention(power strorage: one month)≥95%
Charge:     Standard Charge Current:2A
               Max Discharge Current:3.5A
               Limited Charge Voltage:42V
Discharge: Standard Discharge Current:5.0A
               Max Discharge Current:20.0A
               Discharge Cut-off Voltage:30.0V
PCB parameters:   Overcharge Protection  Voltage:29.75±0.05V
                     Over-discharge alarm voltage:17.5±0.5V 
                     Over-current Protection Current≥40A