replacement 19V 3.16A Laptop Adapter
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replacement 19V 3.16A Laptop Adapter
Input:AC 100V~240V 50 60Hz Output:19V 3.16A Watt:60w DC Connector:6.3*3.0mm Dimension:102*42*28mm N.W:186.0 Color:Black Power Cord:specifications optional Detailed information:The Toshiba notebook adapter; designed to be thin and light, original quality, direct factory price, CE and ROHS certifications passed, superb after-sales service.


  • This model is for Toshiba 19V 3.16A notebook power adapter/charger, 60w, input AC100 – 240 V, output19V 3.16A , Connector Size 6.3*3.0mm, standard output notebook AC adapter/charger and the power cord is optional.
  • This power adapter is strictly in accordance with the original circuit process design and the original factory standard monitor and control manufacturing, imported electronic components, our ac adapters, with (OCP OVP, OTP, SCP) have got over current, over voltage, constant temperature, short circuit protection, and other multiple intelligent safety protection features. Our ac adapters have been passed through domestic ISO 9001 quality management system certification and the international authority of the European CE certification (Certificate Europe), as well as of the United States safety certification UL(Underwriters' Laboratories).
  • Best quality as original ones, direct selling markets, comprehensive network of direct sales, without the layers of any brokers, unparalleled favorable price directly to end customers.
  • 100% quality assurance, comprehensive after-sales service, seven days’ return, 100 days’ replacement, 1 year free warranty service.
  • application:

    Toshiba Tecra S1 Toshiba Satellite R Toshiba Tecra A2
    A4 Toshiba Tecra 9000 9100
    Toshiba Satellite Pro M10 Toshiba Tecra M1 M2
    M2V Toshiba Tecra TE2100 TE2300
    Toshiba Portege 4000 4005 4010
    Toshiba Satellite Pro 6000 6100
    Toshiba satellite a series
    A10 A15 A35
    A50 A55 A60
    Toshiba Satellite 1400 1805 2400
    2405 2415 2415-S205
    Toshiba Satellite 2450 2455 2540
    300 5005 5105
    Toshiba satellite m series
    M3 M10 M15
    M20 M30 M35
    M40 M45 M45-S269
    Toshiba satellite 200/300 series
    220 220CDS 225
    225CDS 230 230CDS
    230CX 235 235CDS
    250 300 300CDS
    305 305CDS 305CDT
    310 310CDS 310CDT
    315 315CD 315CDS
    315CDT 320 320CDS
    320CDT 320CT 325
    325CDS 325CDT 330
    330CDS 330CDT 335
    335CDS 335CDT
    Toshiba satellite series
    1500 1555 1555CDS
    2060CDS 2060CDT 2065CDS
    2065CDT 2100 2100CDS
    2100CDT 2100CDX 2105CDS
    2105CDT 2115 2115CDS
    2140 2140CDT 2140XCDS
    2180 2180CDT 2200
    2210CDT 2210XCDS 2250CDT
    2250XCDS 2400 2410
    2410-S203 2410-S204 2410-S205
    2410-S206 2410CDS/4 2415
    2415-S205 2415CDS/4 2450
    2455 2455-S3001 2455-S305
    2455-S306 2500 2520
    2500CDS 2500CDT 2505CDS
    2505CDT 2510CDS 2515CDS
    2515CDT 2515CTS 2530CDS
    2530CDS/4 2535CDS 2535CDS/4
    2535CDT 2540CDS 2540CDS/4
    2540CDT 2545CDS 2545CDS/4
    2545CDT 2545XCDT 2590CDS
    2590CDS/4 2590CDT 2590XDVD
    2595CDS 2595CDS/4 2595CDS
    2595CDS/4 2595CDT 2595XDVD
    2600 2610-2675 2610DVD
    2615DVD 2655XDVD 2675DVD
    2700 2715 2715DVD 2715XDVD
    2710XDVD 2755DVD 2755XDVD
    2770XDVD 2775XDVD 2800
    2800-S201 2800-S202 2800-S210
    2805 2805-S201 2805-S301
    2805-S302 2805-S401 2805-S402
    Toshiba satellite 4000 series
    4000 4000CDS 4000CDS/4
    4000CDT 4000SCDS/4 4005CDS
    4005CDS/4 4005CDT 4010CDS
    4010CDS/4 4010CDT 4015CDS
    4015CDS/4 4015CDT 4020
    4020CDT 4020CDT/6 4025CDT
    4025CDT/6 4030CDT 4030CDT/4
    4035CDT 4060 4060CDT
    4060CDT/4 4060XCDT 4070
    4070CDS 4070CDT 4080
    4080CDT 4080XCDT 4080XCDT/6
    4085 4085XCDT 4090
    4090CDS 4090XCDT 4090XDVD/6
    4100 4100XCDT 4100XDVD
    4100XDVD/6 4200 4260
    4260DVD 4280 4280XDVD
    4280ZDVD 4300 4320ZDVD
    4340ZDVD 4360ZDVD 4400
    Toshiba tecra
    520 520CDS 520CDT
    530CDS 530CDT 550
    550CDT 700 700CS
    700CT 710CDT 720
    720CDT 730CDT 730XCDT
    740 740CDT 750
    750CD 750CDM 750CDT
    750DVD 780 780CDM
    780CDT 780DVD 8000
    8100 8200 9000
    9100 A1 A2
    A3 A4 M1
    M2 M3 M4
    M2V S1 S2
    TE2000 TE2100 TE2300
    Toshiba portege
    650 650CT 660
    660CDT 660CT 600CT
    610 610CT 620
    620CT 300CT 305CT
    310CT 315CT 320CT
    325CT 330CT 335CT
    2000 7000CT 7010CT
    7015CT 7020CT 7140CT
    7200CT 7200CTE 7220CTE
    T3400C T3400CT T3600CT
    Toshiba satellite pro
    440 440CDT 440CDX
    445CDT 445CDX 450CDT
    450CDX 460CDT 460CDX
    465CDT 465CDX 470
    470CDT 480CDT 480CDX
    485CDT 485CDX 490CDT
    490CDX 490XCDT 495CDT
    495CDX 4200 4260DVD
    4270 4270DVD 4270XDVD
    4280XDVD 4280ZDVD 4300
    4320 4320ZDVD 4340
    4340ZDVD 4360 4360ZDVD
    4400 4400CDT
    1800 1850 1850C
    T4500 T4500C T4600
    Toshiba satellite a series
    A10 A10-S127 A10-S128
    A10-S129 A10-S1291 A10-S167
    A10-S169 A10-S1691 A10-S177
    A10-S178 A10 A15 A15-S127
    A15-S128 A15-S129 A15-S151
    A15-S157 A15-S158 A15-S1271
    A15-S1291 A15-S1292 A15-S1692
    A50 A55 A55-S129
    A55-S179 A55-S306 A55-S326
    A55-S1291 A55-S1791 A55-S3061
    A55-S3062 A55-S3063 A55-S3261
    Toshiba satellite m
    M20 M20-S257 M20-S257
    M20-258 M30 M30-S309
    M30-S3091 M35 M35-S320
    M35-S359 M35-S456 M35-S3591
    M35-S3592 M40(except M40-S312TD) M45(except M45-S165/M45-S165X/M45-S169/M45-S169X) M55 (except M55-S139/M55-S139X/M55-S141/M55-S1001/M105-S10xx)
    R series
    R10 R15
    Toshiba satellite pro
    4600 M10-S405 M10-S406
    M10-S407 M15-S405 M15-S406
    Toshiba portege
    Portege 2000 2010 3500
    3505 4000 4005
    4010 M100 M200
    M205 M300 M500
    R100 R200 S100
    7140CT 7200 7200CT
    7200CTE 7220CTE