quality management

Quality Policy

MPE adhere to high quality products and services to customers, with a fully equipped testing system, and a number of advanced detection equipment imported from Japan, the test project on the safety and reliability of the battery up to as many as 20, respectively from thorns, squeeze, down, red, high temperature and overcharge, etc. 12 angle with the side of the battery safety testing. Each production line has at least two track testing quality control personnel, and management processes in accordance with strict quality control professionals, by incoming quality control (IQC), process quality control (IPQC), outgoing quality control (OQC), battery reliability and safety testing, customer service, quality engineering, instrument calibration, and system management tools to ensure battery quality, provide customers with safe and reliable products. In an ongoing effort, the company has passed ISO9001: 2000 certification, CE certification, and the consistent implementation of strict standards.

Battery Testing Center

According to IEC61960-2003, IEC60086-4, IEC621333, UL1642, UN38.3 other standards, the battery reliability and product safety testing and practical tests.
(1)Security testing: 
Thermal shock test, short circuit test, acupuncture test, squeeze test weight impact test, freedom Yueluo test, vibration test, overcharge test, temperature cycling test, altitude simulation test
(2)Reliability Test: 
Capacity testing, constant heat test, rate discharge test, high temperature discharge test, low temperature discharge test, charge retention and capacity recovery test, cycle life test, 85 ℃ storage test 
(3)User Experience Testing:
Demand and consumption habits from the end consumer, in order to meet the design requirements of electric appliances for the purpose of application of the test battery, the battery continues to provide follow-up recommendations for improvement, and provide customers with the best products cost solution.